If Only

If only there were a way. To kill this abominable longing.If only I could shut down. This incessant yearning. The constant pining. If only I could just let go. And never ever look back. If only I could stop the waiting. And exist in this very moment. If only I could limit the seemingly endless. […]

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Better Late than Never

I firmly believe in the so-called cliche ‘Better late than never’; after all this is all what my life’s been about: getting to know things late, just too late. But sometimes it just infuriates me, makes my blood boil, makes me so angry I can’t sleep. It sucks that in almost every aspect of life, […]

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In the Midst of Chaos

In the midst of chaos, a strange order is unraveling before me. Like bits coming together. Like pieces fitting together. I’m new to it and yet not too new. This has happened before. The good has been there. But never have I been so acutely aware of it. Of the meaning in my woes. Of […]

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They say hope is a powerful thing. That it makes us live. But what about when it kills? Slowly. Surely. Like a poison gliding through your veins. What about when it keeps us waiting? For hours. For days. For years. All in vain What about when it makes us want? That which was never ours. […]

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You Don’t Know Me

The last time I took a leap, it did not end well. I landed on the ground with a loud thud. And it wasn’t a pretty sight. So when people tell me that I need to push harder, I have a strong urge to slap them in the face. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not […]

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Remember the last time you got lost? How absolutely terrifying it was How dark the abyss! How appallingly barren! Remember when your world came crashing down? When the time stopped. And yet it didn’t. When you were rooted there. All alone. And the world moved on. Remember how humans disappeared? While you suffered. While you […]

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Can I?

Can I fix upon a moment when it all happened? When it all changed for good? Can I name the date, the day, the place? When it all started? Can I be absolutely honest with myself? Or does truth come with a price? A price of one’s own life? A labor of a lifetime? Can […]

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Reviving the Lost Art of Empathy

Long post ahead! Since your first day in medical school, you are constantly reminded of one supreme principle that governs the doctor-patient relationship — empathy. You are told, again and again, that empathy is crucial in developing a good rapport with your patients and in ensuring patient satisfaction, adherence, and compliance. As a naïve medical […]

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Of Early Mornings

What is it about this time that is so magical? So irresistible that I would love to be up even when I’ve barely got three hours of sleep. It’s when the world is strangely calm. And yet there’s hustle too. There is a buzz of business. A hum of purpose. A wave of solitude. I […]

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